About BaseballandBourbon

Hello, my name is Dan McKernan, and welcome to Baseball and Bourbon.  I started this blog in 2012 to chronicle two of my greatest loves: trying new bourbon whiskies, and visiting Major League baseball ballparks.  The goal was to have a little corner of the internet where I would post a few thoughts, hopefully interact with fellow enthusiasts, and talk whiskey and baseball.

I had no idea how much fun it would become.

Four years in, I have travelled to Kentucky many times, touring the distilleries and enjoying events like the Bourbon Classic, Kentucky Bourbon Festival and Pappy With Your Pappy.  I’ve visited Bourbon and Whiskey bars from New York to Los Angeles, Pittsburgh to Vegas and all points in between.  I’ve gotten to know the whiskey innovators making new products everyday, and seen the culture rise in my home state of Michigan. Most importantly, I’ve met amazing people and made outstanding friends.

I’ve also been able to visit over half of the ballparks, and continue to work on this as well so I can share what makes each one so unique.

So please, read on, and let me know your thoughts.  They are just my thoughts, and I thank you for taking the time to visit.


6 thoughts on “About BaseballandBourbon

  1. It was truly a pleasure to sit with you and Jen at the Kentucky Bourbon Festival Tasting and Gala! Hope your trip home was safe and easy.
    Carol Ashby

      1. Rich, Ginny, David and I are on our way back to Kentucky as I type! All four of us are Maker’s Mark Ambassadors, and the barrels for two of us have matured. Rich and I get to buy and dip our bottles today while having photos made of us by our supportive spouses :). Our plan for tomorrow is to go to Buffalo Trace. Fun times!

      2. That does sound like fun – I haven’t been to Maker’s yet – please, let me know how it is! It’s a little chillier down there than last time, so stay warm and enjoy the Buffalo Trace Distillery!

  2. Hey Dan, Loving the blog. I have a bourbon recommendation for you. What is the best way to get in touch with you?

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